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Best Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel is very clear and prompt if they got a chance to invade a bird feeder; they would definitely d. They love to eat delicious seeds so they will not miss any opportunity to eat them.  Many people complaints about the birdfeeder because of the interruption of Squirrels.  Although there are many ways to keep away squirrel from your birdfeeder, by use of the best Squirrel baffles, you can get rid of them or prevent them from reaching the birdfeeder.  Squirrel baffles are used as a protective shield that helps to keep away squirrels from the bird feeder. 

Do Squirrel baffles really work? 
People who keep the bird feeders for them it is really challenging to keep them away, as they got the ways to get into the bird feeders.  By using Squirrel baffles, you can keep them away from your birdhouse. They work as a blocker to prevent the squirrel from climbing up on the bird feeder. They work as shied for all the stubborn animals that came with the aim to disturb the birdhouse. 

Which type of Squirrel baffles is best to use? 
Although they are available in many variations and shapes but here we are going to share the best Squirrel baffles. 

Wrap-around Squirrel baffles
This baffle has a hole in the center and looks like a rectangular. It can be wrapped easily around the bird pool; as a result, the squirrel will not be able to reach the bird feeder. You can find this baffle easily but do not mix the shape with other ones. 

Torpedo Squirrel baffles
You can use this baffle on your pole in a down position like a cone; it will help to create a tunnel that will prevent the squirrel from climbing up. These baffles are loose, so when the squirrel tries to climb, they will slip or fall from this baffle. But the side effect of this baffle is it only works when the squirrel comes from the ground. 

Dome squirrel baffle
This is considered to be one of the best baffles, no matter in which position you are going to use this. You can even use in the hanging passion for sure it will prevent the mammals from reaching the bird's feed. Add this baffle in an upside-down position if you are going to use it on a pole. 

How to choose a right squirrel baffle
We have provided a list of best squirrel baffle that can be used to secure your pole or bird feeder, but before purchasing a baffle, take care of the following things. 

Do not buy a baffle than a squirrel can chew like plastic; try to buy in the metal form. 

All the baffles are available at different prices; your aim should be to buy the best baffle in the given budget. 

Do not forget to measure your bird feeder before buying a baffle. Purchasing a small or larger baffle will not work because they will not adjust to the pole. 

A baffle comes in many shapes like round, cone, make sure you are going to purchase that is matched with the design of your bird feeder or pole. 

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