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All About Raccoon Territories

Raccoon's family group
The behavior of raccoons depends on various factors such as availability of excessive food, the number of females that are available and especially the size of territory which is available to them.  Males tend to range further as compared to females, they usually live a solitary life unless they are banding together with a few others to enhance the chance of mating. On the other side, females like to live alone especially when they are raising their kids. 

Significance of making a territory 
Raccoons use scent to communicate with each other. According to research a male raccoon may have territory that may cover almost one to three square miles, and others know that is his specific living place or covered area. The other raccoons will mark the territory by use of their scent and when a new member came into the territory they can recognize their presence with the smell of scent. They can travel to 10 miles in search of food from their territory or living place. Although the like to get food from the nearest place like by digging the ground but on need they can travel for a given distance to fill their belly. 

Type of territory making 
Raccoons have pair of anal gland that produces a specific scent, when a raccoon want to mark a territory they rub their behind to produce scent or to mark that place. That scent informs to other the area is under control of someone else.  They can also use their pee and poop to mark or claim their territory. 

Territory making places (favorite)
They usually use communal latrines, to mark the place where they lived in higher quantity, they can be lived any place like alongside trails, on the branches of large trees or on stumps.  The basic purpose of latrine is unknown but it has been found that they make conversation with the other raccoons, like they want to know who lived in their neighborhood.  If you find them in your garden or yard you will see a number of raccoons at a specific place. 

Communal Latrine solution 
Once you have been conforming they are using your garden and yard as their toilet place then you can make the strategy to get rid of them. You can discourage their behavior by use of a proper technique.  The first solution to get rid of them is the use of plastic. Raccoons like to live in dry places where they can live according to their own choice. use the plastic to cover the area and then apply slippery oil or spray on the plastic, they do not like to love at wet or slippery place, for sure they are going to leave the place and will search a new and dry place.  The other way is to close all the unwanted hole than welcome them to get in the house, when there will be no entry point they will not get the chance to enter into your garden or house.  Another way that you can use: soak your area repeatedly, to squirt any raccoon. 

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